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Lake Ludlow Club Annual Newsletter 2018


Spring is fast approaching and with that the 93rd annual Lake Ludlow Club banquet. This will be April 2nd at the clubhouse. Cost is $20 for members, honoraries are free. Social hour starts at 5PM and dinner at 6PM. Dues of $300 per member and $75 per boathouse owner will be collected at this time. Please make out one check for the total amount owed, or pay the exact amount in cash to make the bookkeeping easier. If you are not planning to attend the banquet, you can mail your dues to Tom Rice, 3 Pleasant St., Oxford, NY 13830. Any questions about this can be answered by calling Tom at 316-0585.

Directors up for reelection this year are: Phil Brown and Charlie Hurtgam from Greene, and Kurt Spencer and Tim Race from Oxford. Any questions, comments, or complaints may be brought to the annual meeting for discussion.

Over the past year we completed several projects. The weed spraying was a fairly successful, however several "root islands" emerged over the summer. These were removed during fall cleanup day, thanks to the ingenuity of some of our members. The surface of the dam/spillway also received needed repairs.

Our quest to have the dam/spillway reclassified from a high hazard (Class C) to a Class B or less continues. Woight Engineering has done extensive studies and feel that with a little more work we can achieve this goal.

We are working on some upgrades to the Club for completion this spring. An interior roof is planned for the front porch, to keep the swallows from nesting there and keep it warmer and more comfortable during gatherings during cooler weather. We also will be constructing and installing a lighthouse for our island. Stay tuned for more information.

As in past years, we ask that each member and guest obey the rules of the club. The rules on fish remain in effect. We do have young walleyes in the lake, but we have no report of any being caught. Without the information from fish diaries, it is hard to tell what is going on with our fishery.

Lastly, if you or anyone sees something is not right, either on the grounds or in the clubhouse, please say something. Call a board member so it can be handled in a timely manner. Remember this is your club and you bear the same responsibility as everyone else.

Hope to see you at the annual meeting and looking forward to another wonderful summer.

Dates to remember: Annual Dinner and Meeting, Monday 4/2/18; Spring Clean up, Saturday 5/5/18; Family Picnic, Sunday 7/29/18; Fall Clean up, Sunday 10/7/18; Christmas Party, Saturday 12/15/18.

Board of Directors

Please continue to remember and follow these basic rules for members:

*If you wish to hold an event at the club house or pavilion, sign up on the calendar in the club house. Access is always available on a first come, first serve basis. Please continue to clean up after your event and take your trash with you. We do not have trash pickup.

*Guests may not be on Lake Ludlow property prior to the arrival of the member.

*Keep speed limits on Lake Ludlow property (land) under 15 MPH.

*Lake (water) speed limits remain at 8 MPH.

*All N.Y.S. fishing rules apply unless noted otherwise.

*As always, dogs are to be leashed and you are responsible for cleaning up after them.

A suggestion box has been set up in the clubhouse for you to use. This is your club, if you have ideas and/or comments the directors would like to hear them.

Fish diaries can be found in the clubhouse and electronic versions at the bottom of this page. Please record all fish caught by everyone in your company


If you plan to use the clubhouse for a non-family event and activities, a donation to the club would be appreciated. This will help with the electric bill and supplies for upkeep of the clubhouse. Also a quick reminder, Please remove your garbage and empty bottles and cans.
 Thank you.

Resource Information

Federation of Lake Associations, Inc


Fishing Rules for the Lake
Catch and Release
1. All small mouth & large mouth bass
2. All walleye less than 18"

Catch and Keep (if desired)
1. All chain pickerel

Fishing regulations are subject to NYS laws including size limits and daily catch limits.

Boating Rules
Motorized boat operation on Lake Ludlow is not to exceed eight (8) MPH.

The directors are asking any and all members to support the club by joining one of the committees. We are looking for fresh ideas and input from the membership in all areas.
The committees are:
    Building & Grounds
Contact any director if you would like more information
The directors are asking all members to restrict foreign boats (used outside of Lake Ludlow) from the waters of Lake Ludlow.

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