Lake Ludlow Club, Inc.
A Brief History
A Brief History and Description of Lake Ludlow Club, Inc.

    Lake Ludlow Club was formed in 1924 with the purchase of six parcels of land with a total of 791 acres situated entirely in the township of McDonough. The lake comprises approximately 120 acres of the above total of land. The cost of the six parcels was $3,301.70 or an average of $4.30 an acre. The lake is 1,453 feet above sea level.

    Some major improvements to the lake and grounds since it was aquired are as follows:

    The original dam was built in 1925, at a cost of $3,229.05. In 1926 repairs and improvements were made to the dam because of a developed leak, the cost was $2,754.52. This dam was ruined in the flood of 1935 and was replaced in 1937 by a much larger and better constructed dam at a cost of $6,000.00 and was reworked in 1961 at a cost of $5,800.00. In 1983 to comply with the Army Corps Engineers and N.Y.S.D.E.C. specifications, the dam had to be reworked at an approximate cost of $24,000.00. With the reworking of the dam at this time it conforms to specifications of these goverment agencies to withstand the 100 per year floods proposed by them.

    Lake Ludlow Club's tree farm status is as follows: A total of 65,000 spruce, white pine and red pine were planted in the early 1930's of which are now in our current tree program. Starting in 1979 the club sold off its select timber and it also kept the club property looking natural as it has in the past years.

    In recent years a fish stocking program was started with the introduction of Walleye Pike being stocked in the lake, starting in 1981.

    A complete renovation to the clubhouse began in 1992 and was completed in 1993.

    This information was researched from the minutes of past Directors and Annual Meetings, which are kept by the club Sectretary.
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