Lake Ludlow Club, Inc.


The Lake Ludlow Club March 2019 Newsletter can be found on the News page.


 GREAT NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    
             Notification from Woight Engineering, our request  for a lowering of our dam classification has been approved. This means that we will be saving a lot of money and not have to jump thru the states hoops. Thanks to Rick's great work. 

Anyone who is not (or is) receiving email notifications from the directors and would like to (or not) please send an email to the directors requesting so at:
    Welcome. We are a members only fishing and hunting club consisting of 100 regular members, with additional honorary members and associate members. Our membership is comprised from four area townships; which are Greene, NY (32 members), Norwich, NY (9 members), Oxford, NY (52 members) and McDonough, NY (7 members).
      We are also a member of New York State Federation of Lake Associations, Inc.
Lake LudlowClub, Inc.
131 Ludlow Road
Oxford, NY 13830
(607) 843-9404


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